The times I have the chance to burn rubber with Speedway Children's Charities [SCC] are really special and add a little spark to my days. 

It's so great to be around so many people that care about not only the greatest sport in America... racing, but are also concerned with helping all the families that SCC touches.

 There are a few moments and characters that I look forward to seeing and being around each year. Every Christmas SCC distributes money that all the fine people that support SCC donate throughout the year. It's an electric event to light the Christmas tree and see how the faces of those who help soo many people in our community light up as bright as the tree. The donations that SCC receives stretch soo far and do really great work. The Christmas tree is not the only thing that lights up all those great people, for it's Santa that bring Christmas cheer. He must have a really fast car to zip on down to Texas Motor Speedway to help distribute all that money out and then back up to the North

Pole to get ready for Christmas Eve. He's really a great help to all race fans.

Another great event that I look forward to is the Laps for Charity event. I mean how much cooler can it be than to be able to drive your car on the two and a half mile, 28 degree banked, tire monster treaded, awesome Texas Motor Speedway. I'll tell you how it could be cooler... you can get your picture taken in victory lane, with me. Now to top even that, which I honestly didn't think was possible, you can drive your car on the track, get your picture taken in victory lane [with me of course], and then in your picture you can stand on the hood of your fox body Mustang. I don't know his name, but he does it every year and never fails to let down. He may not be famous yet but he is definitely infamous.

Another thing that is great about SCC is how all of the board members are so approachable and genuinely excited about racing and appreciate all who show up for their events. Be it the golf tournament or the bowling tournament they are there greeting all you wonderful race fans throughout the events. It's the members that make Speedway Children's Charities so great and make every event a memorable one.

I have to get back to that awesome job that is "adding a little spark your next event, call 817-255-6031 to book Sparky at your next meeting, birthday party or get together." And remember, the Texas Chapter of SCC is what makes each event so great, keep up the great work, keep smiling, and Keep Sparkin!!!!!

Runnin Hot!