You know the adage. "Everything is bigger in Texas." It's really true. And we've tried to make everything we've done at Texas Motor Speedway - including the Texas Chapter of Speedway Children's Charities - as big as Texas.

And after 12 years we're proud to be the first chapter to distribute $1 million in a single year to charities helping kids all over North Texas!

We have a tremendously engaged, connected Board of Directors that actively supports all of the events our local chapter stages throughout the year. In the 12 years since this speedway's inception, our very active Board members have raised and distributed $5.7 million dollars! And we know from the feedback of various charitable organizations in the area that we have improved the health, education, general welfare and quality of life for thousands of kids.

Were it not for these energetic, creative and driven Board members, these financial milestones could not have been achieved. They have staged clay shoots, golf tournaments, fishing tournaments, condo tours, racing auctions, bowling tournaments and more in their never-ending effort to raise more money for the kids.

In true Texas spirit, they've reached for the stars and put smiles on the faces of children. Because, you see, everything - including Speedway Children's Charities - really IS bigger in Texas!

Eddie Gossage
President, Texas Motor Speedway