Happy New Year from Speedway Children's Charities at Texas Motor Speedway! We had a great break and had a lot of time to reflect on 2010 as well as count our many blessings.

Our 2011 year began in October and we are well on our way to being able to write another big check to the North Texas community, but we still have a lot of work (and a lot of fun) lying ahead of us.

Everything here at Texas Motor Speedway is approached with a No Limits attitude and that includes all of our work through Speedway Children's Charities. And you know what that means... some incredible experiences for our supporters and that translates to helping more children in need.

Look for some new twists to some of our popular events and quite possibly see the reemergence of some timeless favorites that we've 'reinvented' (think fishing with your kids at Lake TMS and possibly being able to walk "The Great American Speedway!" once again.).

Stay tuned!

Make it a great year!

Jaime Carlin
Executive Director
Speedway Children's Charities at Texas Motor Speedway