Hi everyone! So I came into the office this morning and found out about a really cool deal that I think y’all will think is awesome, too. It’s a GroupOn deal that allows you to donate $10 to help fill libraries with books.

If 50 people donate, then SCC will be able to supply a school with 100 books. How great is that? It’s all part of the Speeding to Read program that helps to encourage students to start reading by supplying their school libraries with books.

Simply click this link here: http://www.groupon.com/deals/grs-speedway-childrens-charities-at-texas-motor-speedway and make your donation today! So far 35 people have donated. The deal only lasts for 5 days longer.. . so don’t waste any more time reading this post… click the link! J

Happy Tuesday, y’all!