Speedway Children's Charities - Texas Chapter has helped support the USA Film Festival/Dallas' KIDFILM program for the past three years. With SCC's partnership, KidFilm now reaches over 10,000 DISD students, with 90% ethnic minority participation. The oldest and largest such program in the U.S., KidFilm® was designed to promote literacy skills in students grades K-6, with a special emphasis on programs for ESL (English second language) students. The students view films which have been adapted from children's literary works which they have either read in class or will read in class following the film presentation. The use of film and video to communicate the important messages in these films, and to cross-stimulate interest in the books, is a powerful tool for educators and a popular method for student-learning. The KidFilm arts-in-education programs are designed to promote the joint participation of educators, parents and children to view and discuss the works together. Because our schools do not have budget funds to acquire these films, our teachers would not have access to them without KidFilm and SCC's support. Ann Alexander Managing Director USA Film Festival/Dallas