The Speedway Children's Charities has been a vital part of the Programs for Children at the Community Storehouse. Providing emergency care and case management for uninsured children requiring medical/dental/vision care, food, clothing, school supplies and anything required to help them be successful in school, is a big part of the mission in being dedicated to the well-being and education of the children within two of the largest and fastest growing school districts within Texas. Hungry children have a hard time keeping focused on learning; life crisis events can prevent parents from providing the basic needs for their children. Community Storehouse helps the entire community to live the "Golden Rule" as we "Treat others the way we would want to be treated" if confronted with troubled circumstances.

Challenges are great in caring for over 6,000 economically disadvantaged children for special programs and an increasing number of families (200-250 monthly) being impacted by economic conditions, job loss, illness/injury, divorce/abandonment, death of the breadwinner, and other factors. The Speedway Children's Charity Funding has helped us to be a refuge to families in crisis as they learn coping skills and receive necessary "real help" to get past the tough times and eventually regain stability. We "rebuild lives" for children in crisis and we "build character" through the hundreds of youth volunteers involved in our leadership/employment skills training programs/charity camps.

Speedway Children's Charity also collaboratively works with our organization in teaching life skills through volunteerism at Texas Motor Speedway Events. Each opportunity is a new training ground to work on personal improvement, better communication skills and developing an excellent work ethic. We utilize mentors in helping youth to learn charity and leave a legacy of care and concern that will make our community stronger through active, concerned citizens. A Community Storehouse youth volunteer summarized it well saying, "I have learned to appreciate what I have and not take food, shelter and clothing for granted. I have a new outlook on life and what it means to really help others."

Recently at the Community Storehouse a client that was a victim of domestic violence came in desperately needing support, kindness and direction to help her children cope with the dramatic situation. While visiting with a case manager, it was determined that the children in the household were hungry, needed clothing and were no longer able to play extra-curricular sports due to the financial strain from the situation. Immediately, the Community Storehouse staff went to work to help the family with food and clothing. The children immediately received food to eat and clothing to wear in school. Finally, with a few phone calls and some generous donors, were able to gain support to remedy all of the above mentioned situations. The children received the much needed equipment to play soccer for the upcoming season and fees were serviced through the local youth association.

It was so exciting to hear the children rejoice as they explained how happy they were to be able to return to a sport they loved, clothed and fed. In the end, by means of the Speedway Children's Charities, collaborative efforts in the community and Community Storehouse staff the children benefited. The joint focus and dedication to the children in our community is evident, as we are all working together to help the entire group of children we serve.

The partnership of the Speedway Children's Charities and the Community Storehouse is a "Winning Team". With this dedication, the "real winners" are the children who will not have to suffer as they race to the finish line with an education and skills for a successful future.