For the past 11 years, Speedway Children's Charities has helped heal the hearts of grieving children in North Texas through their generous support of The WARM Place's Grief Support Program for Children. Of the 1,500 grieving children The WARM Place helps each year, approximately 15% of them have been affected by a suicide death. These children are in special need of The WARM Place program as they are less likely to find support from their family and friends due to the stigma that surrounds suicide.

The death of a loved one is especially traumatic for a child. When a child experiences a loss, he or she may become fearful, bewildered, overwhelmed with pain or guilt, and unable to cope. He or she may withdraw from friends and family, perform poorly at school, and act out inappropriately. In addition, a child may experience headaches, stomachaches and other physical symptoms.

The grief support groups at The WARM Place were designed to soothe the hearts of these confused, sad and sometimes angry children. Often in very sudden or traumatic deaths, such as a suicide, these symptoms can become magnified, which makes the need for grief support for these children that much more critical. Our program helps children learn the skills necessary to cope with intense emotions such as anger, guilt and sadness in positive and emotionally healthy ways instead of self-destructive behaviors. All groups participate in activities that encourage each person's expression and understanding of grief. Group activities might include drawing special memories, clay modeling, journaling, making crafts, listening to music, cuddling teddy bears, and sharing thoughts or feelings.

The WARM Place Grief Support Center for Children was founded in 1989 by Peggy Bohme and Fort Worth pediatrician, John M. Richardson, M.D. Over the past 20 years more than 25,000 children have been guided and comforted through their grief journey by an outstanding group of trained counselors and volunteers. All WARM Place services are free of charge to the families. Grief support services at The WARM Place are provided through the generous donations of many individuals, businesses and private foundations, such as Speedway Children's Charities.