Speedway Children’s Charities participated in the Daytona 500 Watch Party held at Texas Motor Speedway this past Sunday, February 26th. SCC enjoys attending events like these because it gives us a chance to interact with NASCAR fans and allows us to promote future SCC events that may interest them!

At the Daytona 500 Watch Party, SCC raised over $2,000 at its Silent Auction held during the event! Eleven items ranging from race memorabilia to suite tickets for future races were auctioned off to the highest bidder. One proud winner, an eight-year-old named Kenny, hovered over the Irwin Tools #26 Jamie McMurrey rear bumper bid page throughout the watch party, down to the final minutes of bidding. Kenny wrote his name next to his dads, adding a comment to the side saying he “wants it”. He even rearranged other items so that he could get a picture with his desired item, making sure he’d go home with something if he was outbid. Although he was given a run for his money by other bidders, Kenny and his dad won the item when it came down to the wire. Here is a photo of Kenny with his prized item!

Eight-year-old Kenny stands next to the Irwin Tools #26 Jamie McMurrey rear bumper he won on Sunday during the Daytona 500 Watch party held at Texas Motor Speedway.

SCC prides itself on making a difference in the lives of children, and the money raised at the silent auction will go toward that very initiative. We were happy to have made Kenny’s day in the process of benefiting area North Texas children.