FORT WORTH, Texas (August 16, 2012) - Texas Motor Speedway's Speeding to Help continued to make a difference in the Dallas/Fort Worth area as more than a dozen volunteers helped with refurbishing projects at the Dallas Zoo as part of the month-long community outreach program. 


The zoo enlisted the volunteer help of speedway employees to assist in sprucing up the entrance of the JC Penney Discovery House Exhibit in the Lacerte Family Children's Zoo. Volunteers refurbished the exhibit's main entrance to provide a more inviting entry for visitors. Tearing down a fence and fence posts, volunteers cleared a path and built a new stone walkway.


"The children's zoo is the heart of the Dallas Zoo," Dallas Zoo Management President and CEO Gregg Hudson said. "This children's zoo is packed with kids so it's the heart of activity. It's the heart of our message and aesthetically it's a beautiful place. Texas Motor Speedway volunteers are adding something here that is going to continue to build on the beautiful things that we've got here and leave a legacy of a project that will be here a long time."


The JC Penney Discovery House serves as a learning exhibit for children. Children get the opportunity to learn more about animals at the exhibit and are provided the chance to pet snakes, turtles, rats and other creatures.


Volunteers like those from Texas Motor Speedway are essential to the success of the Dallas Zoo. Each year volunteers contribute over 40,000 service hours at the zoo.


"We couldn't do what we do, day in or day out without the help of volunteers," Hudson said. "You know we've got several thousand hours a year that are brought in here that help us on events and help us on things like this. This is tremendous and the kind of stuff that really helps us spread our resources as far as we can and really lets us have an even bigger impact in the community."


Speeding to Help continues next week with a visit to the Tarrant Area Food Bank on Wednesday, followed by an event with 6 Stones on Tuesday, Aug. 28, where volunteers will help distribute a truckload of non-perishable food and personal supplies that will aid 400 families in the area. Speeding to Help concludes Friday, Aug. 31, as Texas Motor Speedway will announce the expansion of its NASCAR-themed, incentive-based "Speeding to Read" educational program at the Northwest High School football stadium.